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Since 2010, First Love have helped thousands of people in one of the UK’s most deprived boroughs get their lives back on track. They’re more than a foodbank – that’s just one of the things they do.

First Love started in 2010 to offer crisis support, and runs an advice service in conjunction with its food bank, so clients receive help with underlying issues. Tower Hamlets has the highest rates of child poverty in London, and First Love distributes over 30 tonnes of donated food a year via its services, which are signposted to vulnerable families via a network of community referral partners. Typically the food banks offer 3-day packages to 100 or so clients a month, but demand is rising as a result of covid-19.

Our grant helped:

Buy more food (since donations are going down), to distribute food from new locations (for instance, family-sized food bags will be handed out from local schools), and to organise volunteers to offer home delivery for self-isolating people.

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Isla Foundation

Coppergate House

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0207 487 8202 *We are currently working remotely to COVID-19. 

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